How to Retrieve and Save Information from the School Server using the Internet


Scroll to the bottom of these instructions to click on the link that will get you to your files.


Getting the File


After you have logged into the Web Access Portal, find the file that you want to work on. Right click on the file and choose download.














Choose Save As and save the file into a location you can find later.





Working on the File


Open the file. When you have completed working on the file, save it. The changed file is now saved on the computer in front of you and must be transferred back to the file server.


Putting the File back on the File Server


Open your browser and open the folder where you would like the changed file placed. Click the Upload button. Browse to the file and click the upload button next to the word Reset.

















Accessing your R drive files


Once you have logged into the Web Access

Portal, double click on Student Resource

Directory to see the R drive files.










Click here to access the Web Access Portal.