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Mrs. Strojny has been teaching science at Valders High School since 2002.  She currently teaches Physical Science and Biology 1.

She got her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and teacher certification from Silver Lake College.  She also has a minor in Spanish and enjoys using the ability to speak Spanish whenever she can.

Mrs. Strojny also adds lifeguard and swim instructor to her many titles and works to keep up her CPR certification.





Helpful Classroom Links

Periodic Table - A periodic table that does more than just show how the elements are arranged.

Interactive Table of the Elements - A periodic table that allows you to see orbital shells and more of each element.

Biology in a Bottle - Web page that will help in getting ideas for the project and planning of you Bio-bottle.

Identifying Microorganisms - Use this link to help identify the microorganisms in water samples.

Outbreak at Watersedge - Online Interactive activity where you work to find the source of a water contamination problem.

Introduction to Evolution - An online activity that tries to show the main concepts of evolution. (shockwave needed)

Virtual Frog Dissection - Part of the class dissection alternative or a nice review of the class dissection for the bullfrog.

Interactive Fetal Pig Dissection -  Part of the class dissection alternative or a nice review of the class dissection for the fetal pig.

Fetal Pig Dissection - A written walkthrough of instructions for dissecting the fetal pig.

WISC-ONLINE - A website made with multiple learning objects encompassing a multitude of different educational areas.

Khan Academy - Additional help for those who might want to review what was covered in class or go more in depth on a topic.

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