A.S.E.T. Mission Statement


The Technology, Science, Engineering, and Agricultural (ASET) team will be a collaborative environment requiring a high-level of communication in order to develop team-building, problem-solving, decision-making, and leadership skills in all members. The integration of the disciplines will result in the establishment of a learning community where there is an awareness of each individualís actions impacting all other members in the community.



Agriculture, Science, Engineering & Technology

To accomplish this mission:

© Students will experience science, agriculture and technological education in a format that engages them in actively constructing ideas, meaning and explanations so as to enhance their opportunities to develop their science, agriculture and technological education skills.

© Students will be engaged in pursuing science, agriculture and technological education content through investigation, inquiry and analysis with respect to different learning styles in order to allow them to proficiently apply their learned knowledge and skills in real-life contexts.

© Students will understand the complex interdependence that exists in processes and systems and resources required to produce, distribute and consume products in order to sustain, advance society and impact local, national and world economies.

© Students will be provided with cooperative and independent learning opportunities so that their interpersonal skills and perceptions of self-efficacy are promoted.

© Students will develop an awareness of the interdependence if three disciplines while also recognizing the effects their combined influences have an understanding the real world.

© Students will, through the collaborative instructional environmental of the science, agriculture and technological education learning community, be prepared for citizenship in a global society.

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