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Valders Area School District

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Physical Therapy is an interesting service in the school setting.† It is meant to help† the children achieve their educational goals.† It is my job to help determine how that can be achieved and the IEP team will then determine if Physical Therapy is necessary in the childís educational plan.† With some students it is obvious that they need help just to physically navigate around the school.† With others it is not so obvious.† They may need more help with higher levels of balance and coordination in order to fully benefit and participate in the Phy Ed classes.† In addition, being able to play with their friends at recess is extremely important to a studentís self esteem and they may need more help with some of the outdoor skills.


With this website, I hope to improve communication with my studentsí parents.† I want you to understand a little more about my past experience, and give you added information that may help with the care of your children.† In the calendar, I will include my hours in the Valders School District and post information from conferences I attend, scheduled days off, and other information some parents may find useful.

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Valders Area School District

Mrs. Chanda Strzyzewski, Physical Therapist

Valders Area School District